Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Fav is Problematic

I have to say, doing this took me back.  I've cross-referenced 4 series of this show AND watched stupid videos of smug comments from its evil mastermind, dug through tumblrs full of gifs and screencaps (the tumblr part is new; the screencaps a tale as old as time,) I've read fanfiction for the first time in at least a decade (okay maybe that wasn't, strictly speaking, necessary research,) and now I'm RARING TO GO.  Nothing like digging possibly unhealthily deep into speculation over the inner machinations of fictional characters to make you feel like a teenager again.  Why yes, I was fun at parties.  NOW I'M GOING TO YELL ON THE INTERNET ABOUT SOME TEEVEE THAT MADE ME HAVE UPSETTING FEELINGS!! 

You might want to get a cuppa first.  It's long. Although a lot of that is visual aids.
And it should go without saying,