Monday, September 12, 2016


Well as you can see, the blog and my brain are already firmly in Fall Mode, but considering we're about to enter into yet ANOTHER heat wave, I don't feel TOO bad finally posting my long-procrastinated illustration for Summer.

Summer and I are notoriously Not Friends, which is why I chose one of my real life friends as the model for this piece, to help me think positively about the season.  I also set it at night, of course, when the sun is not boiling and you can imagine crickets chirping the rich perfume of magnolias wafting on a warm breeze, and if it wasn't so ridiculously humid, it might be pretty nice.

Since this is my imaginary idyllic summer illustration, imagine that it is not humid.


  1. I think none of us like the summers.I also feel the same as you do to change the imagination of sumer to a beautiful weather of flowers.

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