Monday, October 15, 2012

Intro to Hippy Elf Chick 3: It all depends on your DM

Tonight, the very short story of how I got hooked on D&D, featuring the amazing Jessica of The Five Wits, who just had a birthday!

Happy birthday Jess!!!

"Hippy Elf Chick" actually originates from our long-running D&D game, in which I played an elven cleric of Ehlonna named Lothíriel (major nerd points for knowing the origin of the name!)  I was basically playing myself, and the title applies well enough to me IRL.

I realize a lot of people associate hippies with doing drugs and not showering, which has caused some confusion in the past.  Allow me to offer the geek-slang definition that arose in our game.

Hippy: (n.)

A nature and/or goddess worshiper (see also: Hippy Druid Chick)
Defender of peace and love and other Sailormoon type things
Lover of trees, flowers, woodland creatures
Does not generally condone violence but does condone fighting The Man
Engages in such hippylike activities as herbal medicine, organic cooking, gardening, making hippy bead jewelry, etc. etc.
Makes love (and tea!) not war.

Peace out, hippies!


  1. I love your picture of us! You have shoujo sparkle eyes. :)

    1. yay!! The sparkle eyes of a hippy who just heard "goddess" and "kitten" in the same sentence! XD

  2. Wow, that's a perfect portrait of Jess! The way you can capture people with so few lines never ceases to amaze me. Also, I got Jess that shirt! For our first D&D winter holiday gift exchange :D

    1. Thanks!! I never have any idea if what I end up with looks like the intended person or if I've just gone nuts in the long tweaking process.. in other words, it doesn't come easily, hahaha. And I love that shirt! obviously, since I still remembered what it said!

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